Little Queer Fish, Big Queer Pond

Coming from a small town to a large metropolis...

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To Rush or Not To Rush

The first few weeks of college are filled with...

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Denying Interracial Love: Is It As Good as Being a Racist?

They say being in love is a great feeling....

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The World As We Have Made It

When Pharrell Williams’ hit single “Happy”was released in November...

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The Value of a College Degree: Not a Black-and-White Story

*Full version of article to be featured in The...

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Social Media, Socially Crippling

You may be familiar with the process of getting...

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How We Destroy the Scientists of Tomorrow

Go to any college admission session and ask, “What...

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What CNN Never Told You About The Israel-Gaza Conflict

(This article originally appeared in The Rice Standard on...

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Obamacare: Can’t Win With It, Can’t Win Without It

With the 2014 midterms fast approaching and the 2016...

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The Good Goodbye

In the next few weeks, thousands of us students...

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What Would Chris McCandless do?

What would Chris McCandless do? That is a question...

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