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Light It Up: Why We Still Have Work to Do on Cigarettes

“I smoked in my car, and now it smells,” my friend says. He hugs me, and I catch a whiff of it—the dirty cigarette scent I associate with city streets. It’s a weird mix with his cologne, one that seems…

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The Abduction of Women’s Rights in Nigeria

Her mind begins to race as she consolidates her knowledge from six years of secondary education into a daunting culmination: her Senior Secondary Certificate Examination. With the help of the 1948 Universal Declaration on Human Rights and Universal Basic Education…

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Peace Through Strength: A New Approach to US Foreign Policy

According to an anecdote I once heard, two South American friends under a dictatorial regime were having a snack, when one of them washed down his meal with a Coca Cola. His friend replied, angrily, that he would never drink…

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