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I Practiced Affirmative Action in my Café

“Fill the glass half full, then top it up to the rim with ice.” My supervisor explained to me on my first day. It was the first of a seemingly endless list of mundane but strictly-to-be-adhered-to instructions to follow in…

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What Does the “Carbon Plan” Entail?

In early February this year, scores of protesters, all bundled up in sweaters and thermal hats, gathered outdoors in Oakland, California to contest the Keystone XL Pipeline: a supranational gas pipeline pursued by the Obama Administration.  This movement, inspired by the terror…

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#YesAllWomen: A Rising Revolution Takes to Twitter

More frequently than ever, newspaper headlines scream of violence on school campuses. From the massacre at Virginia Tech to the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, school shootings are becoming increasingly prevalent. Parents are worried and families of victims continue to suffer….

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Dropout Nation: A Phenomenon About Failing

Perhaps our nation’s most caustic domestic battle is one that was never intended to be a war at all. The American public education system is still struggling- with the numbers to prove it. Despite several iterations of millennial public education…

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