Get Creative For Father’s Day

by / 0 Comments / 206 View / June 12, 2014

Father’s Day is coming up! Have you thought of how you’re going to show your love and appreciation to your Dad? Maybe you decided to purchase an awesome gift. But, if you’re a college student and broke, there are many creative ideas that are easy to make, and Dads will love them!

Here are 10 Father’s Day gift ideas:

  1. Is your Dad a major sports fan? If so, find out what your Dad’s favorite sport/team is (although, you should already know, but if you don’t, go find out!). Once you have it figured out, you can design a personalized piece of clothing – a hat, Jersey, or a tank, to name a few. All you have to do is buy a white clothing item and some colorful fabric markers. Design the clothing item and voilà! To make Father’s Day even better, have him wear the clothing while you play a game of his favorite sport with him.
  1. Maybe your dad isn’t a major sports fan, not to worry! Everyone loves pictures. Make a collage of your favorite pictures with your Dad – you can even put it in a frame. To personalize the gift, make your own frame out of colored cardboard poster paper. Don’t forget to be as creative as possible!
  1. Cards are great, but the problem with store-bought cards is that they are neither personal nor thoughtful. If you do want to give your Dad a card, make your own! Get construction paper; try to pick your Dad’s favorite color for the paper. Fold it in half. On the front, write “Happy Father’s Day” and put your favorite picture of you and your Dad. Or you can even draw a picture! On the inside, try to come up with a cute poem. If you don’t like poems, you can write a personal note. The more personal, the better!
  1. If you love baking, use your talents for a great gift idea. Bake your Dad a cake. Again, when choosing flavors and frosting/icing colors, try to pick your Dad’s favorites! Everyone loves food, and dads will definitely enjoy it.
  1. A personalized coupon book is another great and fun idea. Come up with 5-7 different coupons for your Dad. Some examples are: “Free breakfast in bed,” “Free ice cream,” “Carwash,” “Movie night, your choice!,” and “Dad and me time – Activity of your choice.”
  1. Sometimes, as kids, we forget that Dads are humans too, and need to be reminded of all their hard work. On small pieces of paper, write down all of things that your Dad has done for you. Fold the papers in half and put them in a clear jar or container. Decorate the outside of the container to make the gift more creative.
  1. Spend all of Sunday with your Dad. Set up a schedule and be prepared. Here’s a simple yet fun way to spend Father’s Day: you can start the morning by presenting a breakfast in bed. Be sure to way up bright and early, especially before your Dad does! For the afternoon, go to the park and have a BBQ. This time, you can prepare the food. Let your Dad relax and have some fun. You can end the night with dinner and a movie. Rent a movie at home or take him to the theatre. Personalize your day by contributing things your Dad enjoys such as his favorite foods, games, and movies.
  1. If you don’t live at home, surprise your Dad with a home visit. To keep it a surprise, tell your dad before hand that you can’t make it down. Be sure to say it in a way that makes you sound believable. Don’t forget to capture your Dad’s face when he sees you!
  1. If you can’t make home for Father’s Day, don’t worry. Instead of just calling or video chatting your Dad on Sunday, make him a video! You can talk about all the things you love about your Dad, and how much he’s done for you. Have the video ready by Sunday and send it to him. This way, he can watch it over again as many times as he wants.
  2.  As awesome as it is to give a gift to your Dad, the best way to spread love and appreciation is by simply saying “Thank you.” Those two words mean more than you and I can imagine. Don’t forget to say it.

Hope these ideas will help make your Father’s Day easy and fun. Enjoy! academic essays online.