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Lost in Translation: The New Language of Technology

Hey. Hola. Ciao. Ni hao. Hujambo. Shalom. And so on and so forth. When switching between languages, certain aspects are lost. Nuanced meanings, humor, and the like don’t always carry over in quite the same way. English, a language heavily…

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College Rankings Matter, Even If They Shouldn’t

“It’s a great school,” I insisted. “It’s known for its incredible economics department. The student-to-faculty ratio is low, so my classes will be small, and lots of employers know its reputation. Not to mention, the school is in the perfect…

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On Material and Personal Belongings

Society makes us suffer unnecessarily. Think about it: our status is determined by what we own. Even though Siddhartha, Jesus, and Mohammed tried to teach us that personal wealth was not that important, that the meek will inherit the earth,…

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