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Why “Pretty” and “Pretty Brilliant” Work Hand-in-Hand

This June, Verizon Wireless released a new commercial in which parents discipline their daughter by saying, “Don’t get your dress dirty!” and “Why don’t you hand that to your brother?” After the young girl, now depicted as a teenager, glances…

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Makola-ization versus Globalization

All around me, I could hear the beats of musicians in the streets and the smells of unfamiliar foods lingering in the air. It was a breathtaking scene watching people rush by while vendors busily hawked their wares. After my…

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The Remedy to Our Problematic Meat Consumption

Being a vegetarian since birth, I have grown to loathe the smell and any accidental bite of meat. Every hamburger patty and bacon strip reminds me of the inhumane treatment of farm animals necessary for our momentary enjoyment. Of course,…

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