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Innovation or Gamesmanship? The Supreme Court’s Ruling on Aereo

On June 25th, in one of the most anticipated judicial rulings of the summer, the controversial broadcasting service and start-up Aereo was dealt a critical blow by the Supreme Court. The Court ruled against Aereo and founder Chet Kanojia in…

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Pa’lante, Seleccion

Among the endlessly embarrassing list of movies I have yet to watch, I include the Star Wars trilogy, The Breakfast Club, and Invictus. But over the past few days, it appears that while I have not seen this last movie,…

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A Show About Nothing? Seinfeld, 25 years on.

Conversations about the minutiae of life, a wacky neighbour, and the quintessential New York setting have become common tropes for the modern half-hour sitcom. Sometimes we need to take a step back and remember where this all began; not the…

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