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Mainstream Music, Social Media, and Narcissism

According to an ancient Greek myth, Narcissus, a personification of vanity, fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water. He was so infatuated, in fact, that he was unable to stop gazing upon it, ultimately leading…

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The Other Side of Hip Hop

Really, hip hop isn’t all that bad; its reputation, however, would beg to differ. When the words “hip hop” comes to mind, what words do people typically associate it with? Vulgar, obscene, degrading, repetitive, nonsensical, are just a few of…

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Has Hazelwood Run Dry? Let’s Talk About Censorship in High Schools

[section_title title=Page 2] The setting is the United States Supreme Court in Washington D.C, 1987. On one side of the court sits three former student journalists from The Spectrum, the student-produced publication of Hazelwood East High School in St. Louis,…

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