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Why Philadelphia Should Host the Democratic National Convention in 2016

Right now, the Democratic National Committee is mulling over the city in which the 2016 Democratic National Convention will be hosted. The cities still in contention are Birmingham, Cleveland, Columbus, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and Phoenix. Birmingham and Phoenix shouldn’t even be…

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Blood on the Sand: How Vengeance and Victimhood feed a Middle-Eastern Conflict

To call what exists between Palestine and Israel “tension” or “conflict” is to do it a grave disservice. It is an ever-widening chasm, a fissure that is instilled in each and every citizen of the region far before they are…

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Improving the Environment: When Community Service Gets Personal

With all of the lofty associations that the notion of “protecting the Earth” elicits, environmental-related community service is often considered a valuable way to spend your time. From helping clean up a local beach to installing recycling bins in an…

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