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The Struggle with Female Body Image

As I near the end of my adolescence, I cannot help but still feel like an awkward, pubescent girl hiding under my baggie hoodies.  In the few months I have before I turn 20, I wonder why my nightly routine…

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Congress: The Elementary Classroom of Politics

The 113th Congress has a major project.  It’s a feat unimaginable, one that can not be obtained by one person, nor two, nor three, but all 535 congressmen and women, the vice president, the president’s Cabinet, the Supreme Court justices,…

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World Watch – July 14th, 2014 Now Available

Episode 2 of World Watch covering issues including the Israeli-Palestine Conflict, Uber Taxi rates, and other trending topics. The Undergraduate Times as a publication does not take a formal stance on such issues but rather provides a voice for undergraduates…

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