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The LGBT Debate: Archie vs. the Pulping of Books that aren’t “Pro-Family” in Singapore

Pop Tates’ Chok’lit Shoppe. One of the most iconic locations in Riverdale where Archie took Betty and Veronica on countless dates and Jughead was always ordering yet another chocolate shake. As an avid fan of the series who grew up…

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Harry Potter’s Next Chapter

  Potterheads rejoice: on July 8, author J.K. Rowling released a new Harry Potter short story on the Pottermore website. I don’t know how to comment on this story without at least some spoilers, so for anyone who hasn’t read…

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Harry Potter, Then and Now

The first face I see every morning is Daniel Radcliffe’s. Taped above my bedside table, the Harry Potter poster I may or may not have stolen from my sister sits just where I put it when I was in middle…

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