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Public Health 101: A Breakdown of Intricate Rhetoric

It’s easy to get disoriented when delving into terms like “premium,” “insurance,” and “co-pay.” Most people have at least heard of these terms thrown around in conversation, but do all of us truly understand the broader implications of such discourse…

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When Cinema Tackles Politics—The Purge: Anarchy

The movies we see in theaters are often nothing special. There isn’t much to them — no real depth to speak of — just the audience-pleasing normalities that we all flock to $5 Movie Mondays to see with our friends. Every now and again, though,…

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CaliSIXnia: the Dissection of the Golden State

When I hear the word “California,” my mind is instantly filled with images of Disneyland, palm trees, beaches on Santa Monica, Google’s headquarters, and the windy, careening paths of San Francisco. Yes, California, as sung by Katy Perry, is a…

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