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Snapchat: Puberty Over, Drama Ensues

[section_title title=part2] Out of all the major apps that dominate the critical mobile stores, Snapchat may well be the most notorious.  With its comedic ghost and yellow square logo, Snapchat has prevailed as the photo messaging app with a self-deleting…

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Skeletons In The Closet: Morbid Fascination With One Murder

To me, it was just going to be our house in the United States. After driving through River Rd and crossing into Lilly Stone Dr, it would be there on the right after driving up an inclined driveway: 8103 Lilly…

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Love Experiments in The Age of The Internet

Seventy-one percent of users on online dating sites believe in love at first sight and forty-nine percent rate physical characteristics as the most important factor in finding a suitable match. The significance of appearances in relationships is widely understood and…

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