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Let’s Sue Obama – He’s Going Against the Will of the Founding Fathers!

Over the past few days, whether on TV, online, or in the papers, one of the top headlines has been the House voting to proceed with a lawsuit against Obama. On a 225-201 vote (with no Democrats supporting it and…

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The Orange Is the New Black Hype

Approximately ten years ago, Piper Kerman served thirteen months at a minimum-security prison in Connecticut after laundering money for an international drug cartel. Kerman’s story – one of self doubt, psychological metamorphosis, and sexual tension – was later documented in…

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The Media Doesn’t Defend Israel, But I Do

When I tell people that I support and stand with Israel, the most common response I get is: “Well yeah, but that’s because you’re Jewish.” True. I am Jewish, but my religion is not the reason for my stance. I…

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