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Packing Our Bags, But Not Our Insecurities: On Leaving for College

You’re a soon-to-be college student. Maybe you’ve spent the summer lounging around your home, casually sipping tea while watching Netflix. Maybe you’ve been hanging with friends, speaking a mix of happy chatter and doge. Alternatively, maybe you’ve been interning with…

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Why We Can’t Stop Keeping Up with Kim: Evolution and Fame

Kim Kardashian announced, some time ago, the release of her new book Selfish. And what, pray tell, is the subject matter of this coffee table book? Selfies. 352 pages worth, to be exact. And, despite the ridicule that this book…

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Written In Stone: Social Media’s Immediacy and Our Online Comments

I like to tell myself that anger can’t always get the better of me. I like to imagine that I am level headed, that nothing can pierce through my self-proclaimed tough skin. So you can imagine my surprise when, after…

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