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Rolling the Dice: Harnessing the Power of Randomness

People usually like to have a plan. We map out our response to all of the possibilities, attempting to control the uncertainty in the world around us. However, across a wide variety of disciplines, research has found examples of how…

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MOOCS: Why Some Universities are Freaking Out

With the economic pressure to obtain bachelors and masters degrees, more and more people are attending or returning back to college. Yet in this age of technology, the traditional university pathway faces a formidable threat: massive open online courses (MOOCs)….

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We Need to Get Over Public Breastfeeding. Now.

While the Affordable Care Act of 2010 requires all employers in America to provide their employees that are nursing mothers with a decent amount of time to breastfeed, and while there is no law in the United States prohibiting women…

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