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Boyhood May Be the Film of Our Generation

When director Richard Linklater started filming his new project in May of 2002, it is likely that he had a small notion of how great this project’s potential effect on the world could be. Linklater, previously known for films such…

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Fighting the Pressure to be Brilliant

The day before the end of advanced course registration for the Fall Term 2014, I found myself pulling an all-nighter staring at the over 2000 classes that flashed across the computer screen in front of me. While I had narrowed…

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Not “All About That Bass” – Mixed Feelings About the Smash Single

I seldom take YouTube’s suggestions, but the candy-colored thumbnail for Meghan Trainor’s debut single caught my eye. I decided to indulge. And indulge I did, for this track, which boasts a bump-worthy bass and doo-wop vocal flair, is the auditory equivalent…

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Mo’ne Davis Taking the Little League World Series by Storm

August may mean the end of the summer but it also means one of the greatest annual events of the year, the Little League World Series. The Little League World Series is a worldwide baseball tournament for children aged 11…

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Cold War Version 2.0?

I remember stepping out of the plane at three in the morning, blearily messaging friends that I was finally home from my week-long escapade in Perth, when news hit in the form of a tweet from the New York Times….

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