8 Brilliant Entrepreneurs That Are Still in College

by / 3 Comments / 9460 View / August 21, 2014

Building your own app or starting your own business takes an ample amount of commitment and hard work.  And so does getting through college.  But a few stellar individuals around the world have proven that their youth and academic commitments do not inhibit their creative power.  The idea of the “dorm-room entrepreneur” isn’t necessarily a new one.   Years ago, the public stood in awe as Mark Zuckerberg famously built the social media giant Facebook during his sophomore year at Harvard University.  But while Zuckerberg may hold (and rightly so) the fame of being the young collegiate prodigy, the modern generation of undergraduate entrepreneurs may be just as fabulous.  Around the world, there are amazing students coming from diverse backgrounds that have proven that the lack of a diploma is no death sentence to making it big.  And dropping out isn’t a must either.  But who are these would-be next legends?  From all corners of the globe, these student leaders (listed in no particular order) show striking promise.  Read about the next generation of young people going places.

  • Anonymous

    “Think I missed someone who should be included on this list?”

    You missed the founder of the UGT

    • Noam

      Yeah you definitely missed the founder of the UGT

  • Bobby Fine

    Damn some of these college freshman making dem big $$$ and im graduated and still living in my pop’s basement