8 Brilliant Entrepreneurs That Are Still in College

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2. Bryan Silverman – Co-founder of Star Toilet Paper

tp College: Duke University, USA

Year: Class of 2015

With over 250 partners nationally, Bryan Silverman co-founded a toilet paper company with his older brother known as Star Toilet Paper in 2010.  Yet Star Toilet Paper is more than just the standard soft rolls of white; the company focuses on embedding advertising on toilet paper roles using safe vegetable oil ink. That’s right: toilet paper with ads on it.  Even coupons.  In an interview, Bryan eloquently notes that “everyone reads in the bathroom, and we provide entertainment to people while they do their business.”

Star Toilet Paper, however, has recently expanded their ventures.  Dubbed cleverly as “Install Media,” the brothers have begun to provide free toilet paper to many institutions, namely venues.  The financial backing for manufacturing the toilet paper is derived from the advertisers.  Previously concentrating on local advertisers at large national venues, the group has moved to the converse business model by locating small venues to provide free toilet paper featuring advertisements from larger corporations.

Website: startoiletpaper.com

  • Anonymous

    “Think I missed someone who should be included on this list?”

    You missed the founder of the UGT

    • Noam

      Yeah you definitely missed the founder of the UGT

  • Bobby Fine

    Damn some of these college freshman making dem big $$$ and im graduated and still living in my pop’s basement