8 Brilliant Entrepreneurs That Are Still in College

by / 3 Comments / 9479 View / August 21, 2014

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 4. Jeffrey Nadel – Founder of Klink

nadel College: The University of Pennsylvania

Year: Class of 2015

Klink brings together two things: Alcohol and Delivery.  Jeffrey Nadel created Klink while an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania.  It is an app that allows individuals to purchase alcohol online and pick it up at their door.  Sounds simple?  Well, it is.  Very.  Granted, Klink is only available right now in three locations: Ann Arbor, MI; Orlando, FL; and Washington D.C.  In a world that has been so transformed by delivery/immediate access apps like Uber, Klink is a definite app to watch.  With a clean app design and a website that talks about Alcohol related news, Klink is on the rise.

Klink’s Website: klinkdelivery.com  

  • Anonymous

    “Think I missed someone who should be included on this list?”

    You missed the founder of the UGT

    • Noam

      Yeah you definitely missed the founder of the UGT

  • Bobby Fine

    Damn some of these college freshman making dem big $$$ and im graduated and still living in my pop’s basement