8 Brilliant Entrepreneurs That Are Still in College

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6. Tom Macmichael – Founder of YourTaximeter


College: University of Edinburgh

Year: Class of 2016

In 2010, Tom Macmichael originated a taxi app that would accumulate over 50,000 active monthly users.  Known as YourTaximeter, this app is available on multiple mobile and handheld platforms and on desktop.  Unlike many taxi applications, Tom Macmichael recognized the urban and rural distinction; there are tons of apps available for the city but nothing as concrete for smaller towns and villages.  YourTaximeter may well be the first application that works anywhere in Great Britain.

“When I still lived at home, I always had to get taxis home from a night out as I lived in a remote village. I was having a look online, trying to work out roughly how much my taxi should cost when I realised that the prices in the UK are actually set by the local district council. I made a small script that would work out the cost for my area and gradually it expanded over the years to what it is today: a fully-fledged taxi search engine.” – Tom Macmichael in an interview with The Undergraduate Times

android3Given the difficulties of having every taxi company comply to the app, Tom and his team built an alternative option that allows users to use geographic data to accurately estimate the cost of the Taxi.  As Tom accurately points out, no one likes to see the “an ugly “no results found” message.”

“I think for me the best part was when I was speaking to someone, in general, about taxis and they actually suggested using the app before I had even brought up any affiliation with it – that was really amazing. You see numbers on a screen – hundreds of thousands of people using something you’ve made – but it’s hard to really believe how far it actually has spread until a moment like that.”

And while Tom may still be involved with his college endeavors, his other life is fully integrated in the still popular industry of Taxis.  Even if what the future may behold to YourTaximeter is unknown, the initiative thus far points at promising results.  With a clean interface and powerful website, the app appears to have a strong hold in the Taxi world.

YourTaximeter’s Website: yourtaximeter.com

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    Damn some of these college freshman making dem big $$$ and im graduated and still living in my pop’s basement