8 Brilliant Entrepreneurs That Are Still in College

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7. Jason Li – Founder of iReTron


College: University of Chicago

Year: Class of 2018

In 2011, Jason Li created a corporation that specialized in buying old electronics.  Three years later, the company was landing over $150,000 in quarterly revenue.  The group Jason led was soon featured in the ABC TV Show Shark Tank, where he successfully reached a deal with investors Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran.  iReTron has a green promise, seeking to take old electronics out of landfills and sell the old materials.  As Jason highlighted in an interview, “With thousands of users… each number represents one less phone in the dumps and one more phone in circulation.” Jason, being one of the youngest entrepreneurs on this list relative to founding date, shed some light on his high school and upcoming college experience in light of being a successful entrepreneur.  He provides sound advice that the mindset to adopt when aspiring large isn’t one of a “special and gutsy” attitude.  He sheds some light on the personal experience:

“Entrepreneurship is a very tricky concept. You start and run a business, but before you know it, the business is forcing you to learn, mature, grow, and challenge yourself.” – Jason Li in an interview with The Undergraduate Times.

When it comes to the skills necessary to run a company like iReTron, it is about focus and patience.  The company specializes in inspecting products and making sure they are able to be refurbished.  But beyond the specific skills involved, it is clear that Jason Li is not only one of the most humble entrepreneurs, but one of the youngest.

iReTron’s website: iretron.com

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    “Think I missed someone who should be included on this list?”

    You missed the founder of the UGT

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      Yeah you definitely missed the founder of the UGT

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    Damn some of these college freshman making dem big $$$ and im graduated and still living in my pop’s basement