The Good Goodbye

by / 0 Comments / 126 View / August 27, 2014

In the next few weeks, thousands of us students will have moved out of our homes to a different suburb, town, state, or even country in order to pursue higher education, and with that we will successfully mark a positive new start in our lives. But what exactly should be our priority apart from the academics?

With college and classes commencing, the level of excitement is high and, as the clock keeps ticking, a variety of emotions run through the minds of us students. To begin with, we will no longer be living with our family, perhaps the most shocking difference in that we won’t be able to see our parents, siblings, friends or even our beloved pets on a daily base as we have for so many years. And due to the very realization of this coming change, the chances of an emotional break are high and mostly unavoidable, and so we have come to be prepared for that in one way or another. Each and every student who will be moving out of their home will have had his or her own set of people and things around which their former universe revolved. This fall not only brings an abundance of joy with a new start, but it also marks a level of expansion in our little universe that will change our normal world and, hopefully, do so for the better. New friends, new home, and a new perspective on life are only a few of the many positive changes that college life will bring. At a social level, it is obvious that each one of us students will have to be and look the best that we can – not that we will have to change who we are, but college is a new space in which we won’t be quite sure how to make friends. Apart from social life, there are a few more hurdles that will come along our way.

College will certainly bring a certain amount of freedom, but with that there will naturally be a new-found sense of responsibility in and for ourselves. This means that although there will be many skies to be seen in balancing our social and academic lives, the sky of good or even great grades will have to be on the priority list. The economic stress of going through higher education with likely be the most concerning thing on our plates, but what we get out of the money that we have worked to put in will be the greatest benefit of our young lives. College is meant to be a life changing experience where we will be meeting and greeting new people, new choices, and new ideas. Some of us will get to travel and see a bit of the world and all of us will discover our true personalities and traits.

So while we pack and leave for our new homes, let us make it a point to look back at all the people, places, and events that have mattered to us and have made this amazing journey of life more joyful, smile in the memories, and thank them. We will be starting a new, fresh chapter of our lives and closing the last. Although goodbyes are usually sad, let’s make this one about smiling – a good goodbye, to everyone that has been there.


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