Beating the Mid-Semester Slump

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The mid-semester slump.

College students want to deny its existence, but it has arrived. The “honeymoon phase” of college is officially over. For most college students have been in school for about two months now, and there is still almost two months to go – the perfect time for the mid-semester slump to sneak up on everyone. As midterms have come and gone and those delightful mid-semester grades have been released giving some students a must needed wake-up call, many would rather just crawl into bed and forget about their academic responsibilities. Students’ fuses are quickly fading out even though there truly isn’t a break in sight. Sure, Thanksgiving break is only a month a way but even that break is so short lived, it’s essentially a tease to what the joyous winter break will be. For after Thanksgiving break, students then travel back to college where they become bombarded with work as the semester nears its end and finals week quickly approaches.

Being a sophomore in college, I am a veteran to the mid-semester slump but yet it still affects me the same. There’s an obvious feeling of lack of motivation as I find myself staying up until all hours of the night listening to Taylor Swift’s new album, “1989,” instead of starting that English assignment early like I had planned on.  Whoops. 

But in all reality, the mid-semester slump is just another part of college experience. There are a few obvious signs that will tell a college student if they have reached the “slump status.” These include: forgetting what the library looks like, bingeing on Netflix every night, taking a lot of naps and drinking a lot of coffee as you try to stay awake from your previous all-nighter when you debated which boyfriend Rory Gilmore should have ended up with on Gilmore Girls with your roommates. It’s really okay. Yes, it is very important to get all your work done and be successful but sometimes a mental break is needed in order to be able to push through until the finish line (aka the end of the semester). So don’t freak out, all your work will be completed…eventually. 

Now with any slump, there are ways to get out of it. There are very few, simple steps to tackle the mid-semester slump. Step one: if you have Netflix saved on your bookmarks, delete it. I know it’s difficult but its not permanent, and once finals are over, Netflix can be your best friend again. Step two: stop taking naps during the afternoon and go to your campus gym. Exercising helps keep you motivated and active. Step three: go to the library and make a day out of it. Make a To-Do list for each day of the week and try your best to get everything done on it. It will help you stay organized and prioritize your time wisely.

Therefore, it is truly easy to conquer the mid-semester slump. If students feel that they just need one mental health day from their academic responsibilities that’s perfectly fine. People take mental health days all the time. Just make sure that its only one day though and doesn’t turn into mental health month. Otherwise the mid-semester slump will have won. 

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    <3 That College Lyfe is so Bittersweet

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    funny how eternal sadness coincides with the “mid-semester slump”