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Rethinking Darren Wilson’s Indictment Process, Racism in America, and Constructive Change

A few hours ago, a grand jury decided that there was not “probable cause” to indict Darren Wilson in the murder of Michael Brown, who he fatally shot several months prior.  Minutes after the decision to “not indict” was announced,…

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A St. Louis County grand jury decided it had ‘no probable cause’ to indict police officer Darren Wilson for fatally shooting unarmed black teenager Michael Brown. St. Louis County case prosecutor Robert McCulloch delivered a press conference at approximately 8:15…

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When I Hear About a 12 Year Old Boy Getting Shot Dead in My Hometown

This past summer, when I would visit my friend Monique after volunteering, I’d catch the 22 Bus going west on Detroit Ave—which passed Cudell Recreation Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  Cudell was the recreation center where many people I knew worked…

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Cancel Your Cable Subscription

There’s a reason newer models of laptops don’t have optical drives for DVD’s/CD’s. There’s a reason services like Netflix and Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant are receiving more and more popularity. It’s because cable television is becoming a thing of…

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Columbia Students Share Asian Identity in a Stellar Film: Resound

A group of Columbia students with the help of many on-campus clubs have created something worth passing on: a powerful film directed by Kevin Chiu that documents Asian identity in America.  I had the pleasure of viewing in person the screening…

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Elections 2014: The Consequences

This November, a Republican Congress was voted into office, picking up at least 8 seats in the Senate and twelve seats in the House. Meanwhile, voter turnout was lowest since World War II due to widespread disillusionment with the government….

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Review of Bernard Cornwell’s Agincourt

I picked up Bernard Cornwell’s Agincourt at the recommendation of a friend.  It is a fictonalized account of the famous medieval battle between the English and the French.  A majority of the characters were real people who fought at Agincourt,…

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