Columbia Students Share Asian Identity in a Stellar Film: Resound

by / 0 Comments / 139 View / November 24, 2014

A group of Columbia students with the help of many on-campus clubs have created something worth passing on: a powerful film directed by Kevin Chiu that documents Asian identity in America.  I had the pleasure of viewing in person the screening of “Resound,” which was accompanied by a live fashion show and high theatrical effects.  Resound tells the story of 12 different Asian individuals living in the United States in a highly poetic, charismatic, and well choreographed manner.  The message manifested in the film is one of bold uniqueness and a disappointed by capitalized stereotyping witnessed in the American world.  View the film in full below:

cultureSHOCK/RESOUND – The Experience from Kevin C. on Vimeo.

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