The 8 Ancient “Ivy League” Schools of the World

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The pursuit of knowledge has driven mankind since the dawn of humanity. The pulsating curiosity of our species was once fostered in the crucible of religion and faith – and it was manifested into shrines of sacred wisdom which dispensed higher learning to enlightened minds from all over the world. Even in this ancient world, there were an inexhaustible abundance of universities which served as pivots of knowledge and skill.

Located all around the world, they attracted a great many inquisitive souls from every corner of the globe. Masked as religious teachings, these schools were a steady provider of organised knowledge to many intellectual minds. They had famous alumni and sizeable endorsements. They had large libraries, serene lakes and rolling pastures of grass, much like the elite universities of today. They were the temples of learning that pioneered the fundamentals of all disciplines.

Like in today’s world, some of these universities were considered more prestigious than others. In the modern age, the esteem of the super-famous “Ivy League” is immense, and similar was the case with some of these ancient universities. Though there were no official rankings to shine light on the unique features of these universities, they certainly held highly valued qualities. Though some of these universities still exist today, this article envisions them in the era before the 15th century.  Here is a list of ten centres of higher learning from the ancient world that would have formed an “Ivy League” from the days of yore.

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