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#HashtagActivism – Biggest Hashtag Movements of 2014

The hashtag used to be just a number or pound sign (and for musicians, a half-step note raise), but during this age of information technology, it takes on the completely new task of highlighting special meaning. In the late 20th…

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6 Free Software Downloads You Can Get as a College Student Now

Free stuff is always awesome.  Here are six free software downloads you can still get for free as a college student.  Simply using your .edu email, you get a 100% discount on often pricey and industry grade software – granted…

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Zionism Has Never Hidden Its Racism

A response to “Zionism is not racism” by Joshua Fattal. http://columbiaspectator.com/opinion/2014/12/04/letter-editor-zionism-not-racism.     “Zionism is not racism” is quite a surprising title for an article that claims to counter a so-called “ahistorical, misinformed, and bigoted” discourse. Such a statement lacks…

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