Chipotle and College Students, An Inseparable Bond That Cannot be Broken

by / 0 Comments / 2048 View / January 30, 2015

“White rice, vegetables, chicken, mild salsa, cheese, lettuce and guac.”

Ask any college student and there’s a good chance that if they are a Chipotle customer, that they too can recite their order on the spot, anytime; anywhere.

What’s the attraction to Chipotle? It’s fast and cheap. Also, social media has played a large role in increasing Chipotle’s popularity. Buzzfeed alone has published multiple articles that comically showcase the obsession many people have with this fast food restaurant. One of the articles includes: “49 Thoughts Everyone Has At Chipotle,” which offers a hilarious commentary into the mind of the Chipotle addicted. For example, number 12 reads: “Brown rice is healthy. Getting brown rice is the same thing as running a 5k. Brown rice is healthy. Getting brown rice is the same thing as running a 5k.” And number 37 reads, “I’m throwing my life savings away on guac, and I don’t even care.” Another article: “12 Things You Always Experience At Chipotle,” provides a more theatrical approach filled with gifs that showcase what Buzzfeed believes everyone experiences at Chipotle. Number four reads: “The empowerment felt after you give yourself a motivational pep talk while taking your place in line.” With the supposed motivational pep talk including: “That steak burrito is calling your name and you will literally do anything to get it. The wait and crippling hunger pains are worth it.”

At the University of Maryland, the Chipotle located in College Park has been continuously rated as the second highest grossing Chipotle restaurant in the nation. There are few times where the line isn’t passed the door, further showcasing how college students are truly addicted and obsessed with Chipotle.

Chipotle offers some of the most ideal comfort food whether you get a classic burrito, the forever loved burrito bowl, tacos or a salad. In addition to the staples there are top-secret items offered such as, quesadillas, nachos and the all mighty Quesarito burrito, the true Holy Grail of the secret menu. The Quesarito is a burrito that is wrapped in a cheese quesadilla. It’s basically two meals in one, which for college students is always greatly appreciated.

So if you haven’t tried Chipotle yet, you’re doing college wrong and you should go soon, like right now.

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