Predicting Winners? Nope – Predicting the Oscar Nominations

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January 15th is right around the corner, which means movie buffs across the country will be waiting in anticipation for the annual announcement of the year’s Oscar nominations. The title of all titles, an Oscar nomination is quite the achievement itself, and every year there are the expected recipients and the almost criminal snubs. The race is heated and a whole lot of fun, so here are my predictions for the upcoming awards announcement. Here are the predictions for the categories people care about: BEST PICTURE, BEST DIRECTOR, BEST ACTOR, BEST ACTRESS, BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR, BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS. And- because it is all for fun anyway- I will go a step further and try to predict the winner of each category for when the coveted award is finally handed out. The nomination predictions that are “locks”- a popular term used to describe a surefire nomination- will be bolded.

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BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS– It has become a sort of consensus that if the voters vote correctly these five names should be announced on the 15th.

  1. Patricia Arquette, “Boyhood”
  2. Emma Stone, “Birdman”
  3. Meryl Streep, “Into the Woods”
  4. Keira Knightly, “The Imitation Game”
  5. Jessica Chastain, “A Most Violent Year”

Possible Contenders for Chastain’s spot: Rene Russo (“Nightcrawler”), Tilda Swinton (“Snowpiercer”), Naomi Watts (“St. Vincent”)

Premature Prediction for the Actual Award:

Winner: Patricia Arquette

Chance to Steal: Emma Stone

As is the way with the actress awards, every year the community collectively decides on one very deserving woman, and she dominates the award season through its course (see Cate Blanchett). This year’s winner will be Patricia Arquette. Her performance in “Boyhood” is easily the best of the bunch. It is powerful, real, and sympathetic, and it is exactly the kind of performance that people want to reward. Emma Stone’s performance in “Birdman” as a recovering drug addict and daughter of a famous actor is electrifying. The academy has also recently shown a soft spot for younger actresses in this field, and it could very well be her year for the trophy. Meryl Streep gives us a very weird and completely different performance in “Into the Woods,” which, combined with the fact that she is Meryl Streep, guarantees her a nomination. Keira Knightly is being pushed by Harvey Weinstein and is cleaning up in the nominations department along with the other four women. Jessica Chastain, even after coming off of a momentous year, failed to receive a nomination by the Screen Actors Guild, which is generally a precursor to receiving an Oscar nomination. This opens up her last spot to the sinister turns given by Rene Russo and Tilda Swinton. Watts’ name is only still on this list because when SAG didn’t give the nomination to Chastain- they gave it to her.

  • James Gray

    Solid predictions. i hope rosamund pike wins