TLC Not Backing Down Despite Controversy Surrounding “My Husband’s Not Gay”

by / 0 Comments / 115 View / January 9, 2015

Regardless of the intense wave of controversy that has appeared in the last week over its one-hour special “My Husband’s Not Gay”—TLC has no plans to cancel the show.

The special is scheduled to air on TLC on January 11. The show follows four Mormon men living in Salt Lake City, Utah, who “who don’t identify themselves as homosexual despite having an attraction to men.” In the preview released by TLC, one man says:

“I’m attracted to my wife for sure… and I’m definitely attracted to men too.” Later in the preview, another man speaks out about homosexuality: “The whole act is against the teachings of the gospel.”

Many people and organizations have spoken out about this special. Some people are disheartened because it simply features men who are attracted to other men. Others are outraged because they say the show promotes the notion that “being gay is a choice” that can be overcome, which is said by some to be a dangerous idea as it can provide justification of gay conversion therapy.

According to Sarah Kate Ellis, the President of GLADD:

“This show is downright irresponsible. No one can change who they love, and, more importantly, no one should have to. By investing in this dangerous programming, TLC is putting countless young LGBT people in harm’s way.”

A petition has been started on calling for TLC to cancel the upcoming show.

The petition, titled “Cancel your upcoming TV show “My Husband’s Not Gay,” has received over 115,000 signatures as of Friday evening. The petition’s final paragraph reads:

“The men featured in this show deserve to be shown compassion and acceptance. Perhaps even more importantly, TV viewers need to know the horrific consequences of trying to change who you are. Instead, TLC is presenting victims’ lives as entertainment, while sending the message that being gay is something that can and ought to be changed, or that you should reject your sexual orientation by marrying someone of the opposite sex. This message is harmful to both LGBT people and communities of faith, and I call upon TLC to stop spreading such dangerous misinformation by cancelling “My Husband’s Not Gay” immediately.”

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