Sia Apologizes for Controversial Music Video “Electric Heart”

by / 1 Comment / 973 View / January 8, 2015

Yesterday, Sia released the music video for her new song “Elastic Heart,” featuring 12 year-old Maddie Ziegler, of Dance Moms fame, and 28 year-old Shia LaBeouf. Clad in the same nude leotard and platinum leotard that she wore during Sia’s video for “Chandelier,” Maddie Ziegler battles with Shia LaBeouf  in a large metal cage inside an austere warehouse. With lyrics like “Wanted to fight this war without weapons” and “You did not break me, I’m still fighting for peace,” the emotional tension between LaBeouf and Ziegler is intense.

But with a 16 year age gap between these minimally clothed dancers, some people are furious—claiming that the video is “triggering” and “pedophilia,” with one twitter user saying that it “smacks of child molestation.” Many others, however, say that the video, which has elements of playfulness, desperation, and emotional rawness, call the video “genius.’

The singer-songwriter tweeted “I anticipated some ‘pedophelia!!!’ Cries for this video. All I can say is Maddie and Shia are two of the only actors I felt could play these two warring ‘sia’ self states.”  She then posted this apology in response.

This is not the first time that Sia has come under fire for the execution of her music videos. Her last major music video, “Chandelier,” which has received over 435 million views, was blasted with claims that the nude-leotard wearing Maddie Ziegler was fodder for pedophiles and that she was ‘too young’ to be dancing to lyrics about “party girls.”

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  • Cindy Hansen

    OMG Give me a damn break. Why do people (probably the paranoid ones) have to feed so much into things? Its not like this nor the video for Sia’s Elastic Heart has them kissing or acting inappropriate in my opinion. Im a mother of an 8 year old daughter whom I will fight till the death for and if she had talent like this young girl in the videos did, trust as a Mom I wouldnt allow her to do it if I felt it left “pedophile” on my mind. Lets take a look at how MANY little Floozies that DISNEY puts out yearly. Posing them as sweet lil angels on the stupid shows they pump out then making “singers” out of them and poof now they look like…….something that will draw ALL the wrong men towards them putting them at risk and they arent even wearing a nude leotard. My advice whether anyone wants to hear it or not lol is, that those people complaining should put their attention towards THE REAL pedo’s and figure out what we should do regarding them. As has been PROVEN those SICKO’S cant be Rehabilitated. Go fight for the average, ordinary child that is at risk DAILY vs protected ACTORS.