NFL Domestic Violence Ad

by / 0 Comments / 113 View / February 1, 2015

The NFL will pay for a 30-second ad on domestic violence that will air during the Super Bowl this Sunday. The ad features scenes of a house strewn with picture frames and a hole in the wall, seemingly from a fist. In the ad, a woman’s phone call to 911 can be heard. She pretends to order pizza. At first the 911 operator is highly confused but catches on as the woman continues the conversation, and it becomes clear that she is fearful and in danger.

The ad is based off of a story posted on Reddit that showed the transcript of the same 911 call featured in the commercial. It has been called “powerful” and “chilling” due to its realness. The NFL is donating the time for the ad, done by the “No More” campaign. (Currently a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl is going for $4.5 million.) The “No More” campaign is focused on ending sexual assault and domestic violence in the United States.

In an interview with Tamron Hall on MSNBC, the co-founder of “No More,” Anne Glauber, stated the reasoning behind choosing this specific phone call for the ad by saying “I think it conveys a message that domestic violence and sexual assault are happening in homes every day.”She went on to make the point that a lot of cases of domestic abuse and sexual assault are concealed, like the phone call.

After controversy within the NFL due to Ray Rice’s case of domestic abuse against his wife and the recent charge of rape brought against Josh McNary, the NFL has taken steps to show its awareness of and commitment to ending domestic violence.

Glauber pointed out that the ad “demonstrates a significant commitment” on the part of the NFL in the fight to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

Coy Wire, a former safety/linebacker in the NFL said that he has seen many football players watch the ad, and that many have called it “powerful.” He too believes that this ad could be the “impetus for great change.”

Ultraviolet, a feminist group also created a domestic violence ad attacking the NFL for its negligence when it comes to dealing with cases of sexual assault and domestic violence. The ad will be included on Sports Illustrated’s website and in The Huffington Post. The ad features a padded football player attacking a woman standing on a football field, and someone says, “let’s take the domestic violence out of football.” The screen reads, “55 NFL abuse cases unanswered” and ends with “ #GoodellMustGo.”

According to The White House, 60% of Americans aged 15 or older know a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault. Every 24 seconds, somebody in the United States is a victim of sexual assault or domestic violence.

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