Waiting for Spring (and Not for the Break)

by / 0 Comments / 134 View / March 3, 2015

Winter is killing me.

There is only a little over a month of it left, but it seems like an eternity. Once Valentine’s Day passes, the long stretch of fall and winter holidays officially come to an end. With no fun holiday celebrations to keep our spirits thawed, we northerners will be frozen solid in the unappealing frostbitten limbo, that is February in Syracuse (or whatever winter wonderland you’re currently entombed in).

This time of year is when I become intensely jealous of students in warmer climates. Those of you from USC or Florida State or University of Arizona, you don’t know what it’s like! You just don’t understand; how could you? You’ve never fallen in a grimy puddle of slush on your way to class or had to wear boots for months on end (which, I might add, greatly limits your wardrobe choices). You’ve never had to walk half a mile, uphill through six inches of snow on an unplowed sidewalk, just to get to class (a true story). And you should consider yourselves blessed. Please think of us while you surf and have barbecues and frolic in your bikinis.

I never really experienced “Spring Fever” during my high school years. I’ve always been of the mindset that winter is one of the best times of the year. Which for the most part, it is. The campus is gorgeous, covered in fresh white snow, and drinking hot chocolate in my bed with a good book, in my opinion, is even better than going out. But eventually, the winter gets to you, and you’re just ready for it to melt away into glorious spring days.

I miss laying in the grass on the quad, the sun blindingly bright and wonderfully warm.

I miss walking to class in sandals and feeling the light breeze across my toes.

I miss running in the park on Saturdays and marveling over the beautiful flowers in the gardens.

I miss shorts and skirts and tee shirts, that don’t have to be hidden beneath sweaters and coats. In my head, I’m already planning my cute springtime outfits, passing the time in boring lectures by online window-shopping for sundresses and sunglasses. The only thing missing is, well, the sun.

I’m not even pining after the notorious “Spring Break” itself. While friends are flocking to the beaches of the Bahamas, my break will be spent working and making enough to last me the rest of the semester. (Not that I’m complaining—I actually love my job.) It’s not a break I am eagerly anticipating, but rather the spring.

It’s not that I didn’t know what to expect going to college in such a notoriously cold region. Having family in the area, I knew what was in store and had all the essentials on hand: gloves, scarves, knitted hats, and heavy-duty boots. Besides, I love winter weather, and saw it as a bonus rather than a downside of my school’s location. What I was unprepared for was how much I’d miss everything else. After sitting in my dorm for days on end, unwilling to battle the snow, you come to appreciate the warm months in a new and unfamiliar way. All the hot chocolate in the world can’t warm you up like the sunshine or springtime.

So for those of you planning to attend college in a place that resembles the Arctic, five months out of the year, heed my advice: appreciate the warmth and sunshine while you still have the chance. And who knows? By the time final’s week rolls around, you might just find yourself longing for those icy winter months.
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