Top Five Things To Miss About College

by / 0 Comments / 277 View / May 18, 2015

As everyone is preparing to pack up and head home from college this time of year, many of my friends and myself have been discussing how we will miss one another, how we will miss the school and all the things we did not realize were so wonderful. As I myself am packing up to leave, I have been thinking more and more about the subject; so here are the top five things I think people are going to miss about college.

1. Always Having Someone To Hangout With

I have never personally enjoyed doing things alone, eating alone or living by myself.  Of course I need alone time, everyone does, but what I am going to miss most about college is always being able to text someone to hangout. No matter what time of day, there is always someone awake, someone to watch Netflix with or someone to do work with. It is an amazing thing to be surrounded by so many people in the same age group, and I am personally going to miss living with my roommate, eating with my friends and doing everything with at least one other person.

2. Your Friends

You have seen these people everyday. You get breakfast with them, you get lunch with them, you watch television, you do work, you get dinner, you go to the gym, you crash on their floor, you nap in their beds — basically you do anything and everything together from the moment you wake up until the moment you say goodnight and then the cycle repeats. It is the strangest thing to know that you will not see these people’s faces every waking moment of the day, that you will have to make more of an effort than just getting up and walking across the hall to see them, or that you can only Skype or call them. After doing everything together from going out to taking a nap, it is bizarre to think that you will not see these people for the next 3-4 months.

3. Coming Home At Anytime You Want

I can’t even remember what having a curfew is like at this point, and my friends and I agree that this might be the hardest part about returning home. It is going to be hard to follow my family’s rules, to have to sleep at a reasonable time and to be quiet late at night when I am up and everyone else is asleep. At school I don’t even think about my plans for the night until around 9:00 pm, and now that’s the time I am going to have to be quiet due to the fact my little brother’s asleep. At school I don’t even consider going to bed until around 4:30 am; now that is the time my dad wakes up for work, and I will have to be home by 1:00 am at the latest. I am definitely going to miss being able to live on my own schedule and follow my own hours.

4. Eating Anything You Want

It is an amazing thing to be able to always choose what you want to eat; to be able to make your own food, to order food just for yourself and to always have some form of food readily available. At home you have to follow the dietary restrictions of your family members, you have to eat whatever is being cooked or ordered or not eat at all, and you have to acknowledge the fact that you have to eat an appropriate amount at appropriate times. Say good bye to not eating all day and then packing away a tuna sandwich, a bagel and a apple at night. This is a thing of the past, at home you have to eat on a schedule and accept the fact that whatever food is available is the food you have to eat.

5. Sleeping As Long As You Want

I love being able to not even think of going to sleep until 6:00am and  sleeping until noon, 1:00pm, 4:00pm or even sometimes 8:00pm. I love taking naps whenever I want, being able to come crash after an exam or being able to still have a full day when I wake up at 8:00 at night. I am going to miss the ability to nap or sleep on my own accord, according to my schedule and not having to worry about bothering anyone.


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