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Summer Reading? 7 Best Classics For Undergraduates

Reading is a pastime that many people enjoy, but not many people get the opportunity to pursue. For undergraduates, reading for pleasure almost does not exist during the year because of all the reading we have to do for class….

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A New Kind of Classroom

It’s your first day taking Introduction to Genetics and Evolution at Duke University with the renowned professor, Dr.  Mohamed Noor. You haven’t taken biology since high school, so you think the content might be a little too advanced, but you’ll…

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Bigotry through Subversion: How the Law Hides Prejudiced Intentions

Everyone who has taken a history class has heard the words, “History repeats itself.” These words came to mind while I was planning for my academic advisory interview, to be admitted into Teacher Education. In trying to connect history to…

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The Dwindling of Rural Hospitals Nationwide

There has been an ongoing topic of concern in our country. Welcome to rural America, where hospitals are—and have been—struggling to survive. For example, earlier this year on March 31st, Parkway Regional Hospital in Fulton, Kentucky closed its doors after…

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