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The Chinese and American Parameters for Resolution

[section_title title=First page title] Since the opening to China under President Richard Nixon, the American-Chinese relationship underwent incremental improvements. America’s approach to China was one of friendship and engagement instead of previous containment and mutual distrust. The Chinese embraced our…

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The Body Politic: What if Values Were Sexy?

Money is like sex; everyone wants to have it. Without money, American politics looses its linchpin and thus, its relevance. If we think about it, very few political issues have nothing to do with money—who gets it, who loses it,…

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Realism Versus Romanticism A Comparison Of Breakfast At Tiffany’s The Book Versus The Movie

The scene opens with a single car driving down a completely desolate street. It is early morning, and a 1960’s yellow taxicab is coasting to a stop in front of Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Avenue. From the cab emerges…

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