Digital Math with No Cheating: How Parsegon is tackling the Age Old Problem

by / 1 Comment / 868 View / June 15, 2017

Parsegon introduced English to Math transcription last year breaking new barriers for math teachers and students. Using the technique, teachers are able to transcribe math digitally at an incredible pace while students can respond with full work shown. The application is able to take any English description of math and churn out the visual, corresponding symbols.

Screencast of Parsegon’s Technology

Now the Parsegon team is tackling a new problem: content. Frustrated with the limitations on textbook and freely available content, the team is pioneering a new way to generate problems. Mathew Pregasen, CEO of the company, put it simply: “a lot of the content out there is easy to find online, grab the solutions, and not really do any of the hard work.”

Wall from the Parsegon HQ, with math doodles by the team around it.

The team worked on building a computer that is designed to generate education oriented problems for mass distribution. Unlike other solutions, teachers on the Parsegon platform are given the ability to search around the database of questions, filtering for things like Trigonometry, Natural Logs, and more. Any question can be imported into an assignment – which then can be digitally distributed or printed out.

The team’s content library is currently over 26,756 questions large, but is consistently growing over time. By the end of summer, they estimate a near infinite availability of questions that are “un-Googlable,” crushing down on any cheating. All questions are available free of any additional charge if a teacher has a certified Parsegon account.

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