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Welcome to The Undergraduate Times, a fresh news outlet written by undergraduate students for the world. Our goal is to offer a professional, academic platform for undergraduate voices to be heard worldwide.

Our team solely consists of undergraduates from across the globe, studying a broad range of subjects and representing a large variety of interests and ideas.  The writers of The Undergraduate Times strive to bring a voice to an upcoming generation of thinkers, artists, writers, creators, strategists, politicians, and entrepreneurs. Browse our website to read about a vast array of topics, from concepts on art such as “Ethics of Art Through Marina Abramovic and Bill Henson” to political analyses like “Russia, Ukraine, and the West – The Ambiguity of War and Peace.”  Above all, we value critical commentaries and well-constructed opinions.



With hundreds of contributors from around the world, The Undergraduate Times represents a diversity of thought.   But just as The Undergraduate Times is a public news source, it is also a community of students who have a common goal of exploring a better tomorrow.  With writers from colleges drastically different from each other, whether it be in regards to size, location, or specificity, The Undergraduate Times believes that a national voice is more than deserved to new minds that have unique ideas.  Not only do we represent works of hundreds of writers online, but we also publish a monthly journal that analyzes society in a critical light.

 Our Team

The Undergraduate Times is provided by a diverse group of individuals from around the world.  Learn more about our team members below!

Mathew Pregasen
Fire Lord 

Arvind Raju
Grand Vizier 

Jenna Borrelli
Empress Jenna the Great 

Gina Kim
Head Auror

Kanika Mohan
Captain of UGT Enterprise

India Madisetti
Madisetti the I

Lauren Kwa
UGT’s very own ‘Sherlock’

Megan Nubel
Guardian Angel

Joseph Robillard
Grand Poobah

Dylan Madisetti
Madisetti the II 

Gia Farooqi
Shhh it’s a secret! (Illuminati)

Clarissa Buch
Also Illuminati

Emily Zhen
Marketing Magician

Justin Fedoruk
M. Night Shyamalan but 100x Better.

Gabby Schnell
Schnell the Gabby 

Jim Huang
Politics Department Editor 

Nicole Felmus
News Department Editor 

Brett Curtis
Education Department Editor 

Madeline Watson
Opinions Department Editor 

Manon Blackman
Art Department Editor 

Zach Herbst
Chief Technology Officer 

Gabriela Goitía
Copy Editor 

Stephanie Watson
Copy Editor 

Steve Rathje
Copy Editor 

Ryan Goy
Lead Developer 

Willie Koomson
Lead Developer 

David Lee

Griff Potrock

Charles Chamberlain

Anna Zeng
Graphic Designer 

Michael Chang
Communications Director 

Austin Hopkins
Communications Director 

Alexis Jones
Senior Marketing Director 

Nicholas Felstead
Strategies Coordinator 

JiaYan Hu
Strategies Coordinator 

Parth Kalaria
Advertising Director 

Max Harlynking
Marketing Director 

Andrew Brennen
Strategies Coordinator 

Samantha Kim

Abhinav Jain
Senior Photographer and Graphic Designer 

Nivedha Kannapadi

Ashna Shome

Jenny Li
Media Director 






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