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If you are seeking ways to expand your audience, The Undergraduate Times Marketing Solutions can help. By advertising on The Undergraduate Times site and all affiliated programs of the publication, you can expand your audience with direct and personal support from our representatives. The Undergraduate Times is invested in multiple different mediums of broadcasting, including but not limited to podcast channels, print magazines, and online publications. and we are committed to finding you the best marketing solution.  With views from across the world and a diversity of demographics, The Undergraduate Times can provide you with powerful tools to reach new customers: our focus is to maintain a firm belief in undergraduate writing and establishment without limiting our audience to specific groups. Reach thousands of individuals every day by working with our publication, and if you are inexperienced in advertising, our talented team is ready to help.

Where Advertising meets Design

Integrating graphic design that targets specific audiences can lead to drastic improvements in marketing effectiveness. With the help of our photography studio partners and marketing team, not only do we provide assistance to corporations who need help constructing advertisements, but we also give advice on which tactics have proven to be the most effective. The Undergraduate Times believes in an innovative version of advertising that is a hybrid of design and analysis. We know that advertising without prior knowledge of the audience can be risky and uncomfortable: we are here to provide you with as much information as possible to help you reach your advertising goals.

Prefer your audience to hear about you?

The Undergraduate Times offers companies audio time for short sound clips to be played during our podcast, World Watch. With each episode of our podcast being listened to by hundreds of individuals, you can engage listeners by integrating your ad into our newscast. Audio advertising can be extraordinarily effective because it directly captivates listeners with your material. If you need help recording an advertisement or prefer The Undergraduate Times directly to provide a recording, we have solutions ready for you.

Do you have questions on how we can help you succeed?

Advertising can be a tricky process if you want to reach your audience in a cost-effective manner: we can help guide you through it. If you are interested in inquiring into our services, please fill out the form below detailing your marketing interests and we will contact you shortly.  You can also view our basic pricing packages here.

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