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Abhinav Seetharaman

Undergraduate at Columbia University

The Dwindling of Rural Hospitals Nationwide

There has been an ongoing topic of concern in our country. Welcome to rural America, where hospitals are—and have been—struggling to survive. For example, earlier this year on March 31st, Parkway Regional Hospital in Fulton, Kentucky closed its doors after…

0 Comments / 208 View / July 8, 2015

Expectations for Our Nation’s New Top Doc

After what seemed like forever, the wait is now over. The long delayed confirmation of Dr. Vivek Murthy as our nation’s next surgeon general has shown that there can be life after death, and ushers in an opportunity to refocus…

0 Comments / 223 View / December 31, 2014

The Relevance of Sanskrit to Indo-American Youth

        Arguably the most influential and important language of South and Southeast Asia, Sanskrit has been hailed by many people, including kings and historians, as the ‘language of the Gods’, and ‘the mother of all languages.’ Like…

0 Comments / 357 View / December 29, 2014