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Amanda Silberling

Undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania

“Can You Even Name Five of Their Songs?”: On Pink Floyd’s Album Announcement and Teen Nostalgia

To all you teenagers with Dark Side of the Moon crop tops from Forever 21: Rejoice. After twenty years of silence, Pink Floyd will release their fifteenth album The Endless River this October. But don’t expect this to be the…

33 Comments / 446 View / July 16, 2014

Why “Pretty” and “Pretty Brilliant” Work Hand-in-Hand

This June, Verizon Wireless released a new commercial in which parents discipline their daughter by saying, “Don’t get your dress dirty!” and “Why don’t you hand that to your brother?” After the young girl, now depicted as a teenager, glances…

1 Comment / 1019 View / July 4, 2014

College, Social Media, That Weird Kid from Facebook, and You

I was accepted to Penn at 5:00 PM. After a few minutes of jumping and screaming—which my brother videotaped, shame on him—I sat down again to browse the admissions decision portal. In a conspicuous, bright red box was a link…

0 Comments / 1183 View / June 27, 2014

The Feminist Importance of Julia Collins, Jeopardy! Queen

“Show some cleavage and lose the flats,” says Twitter user @BeerLeagueProbz. “Guys want to see some skin. Even if your [sic] kinda chunky.” These tweets were sent to Julia Collins, who lost on Jeopardy! last night after an astonishing twenty-game…

0 Comments / 521 View / June 3, 2014

Why the Humanities Epidemic Should End

At the precise moment when you commit to a college, every family dinner for the next several months will include the dreaded question: “So, what do you want to major in?” My answer is “English.” I’ve heard all the jokes,…

5 Comments / 871 View / May 29, 2014