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Billy Kacyem

Undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania

Advice to the Newly Admitted

You have just received your admissions decision – you got in! Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off. Before you go on to be fully indulged in this exuberant feeling you are most likely experiencing at the moment, here are…

0 Comments / 297 View / December 16, 2014

A Call for Reform, Not Destruction in Ferguson

Confusion, grief, ire. These are all strong feelings experienced by many across the country and the world right now as a result of the verdict of the grand jury concerning Michael Brown Jr.’s death. The one feeling that stands out…

0 Comments / 103 View / November 25, 2014

Let’s Sue Obama – He’s Going Against the Will of the Founding Fathers!

Over the past few days, whether on TV, online, or in the papers, one of the top headlines has been the House voting to proceed with a lawsuit against Obama. On a 225-201 vote (with no Democrats supporting it and…

1 Comment / 236 View / August 8, 2014

July 2014: This Month in 10 Events

1. Nicaragua reveals an Atlantic-Pacific Canal route The Nicaraguan government and the corporation backing it – HKND – announced in early July settled plans to construct a canal that would link the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the country. It…

0 Comments / 286 View / August 1, 2014

This Month in Ten Events: June 2014

Clash between Boko Haram and Cameroonian troops. On Sunday June 1st, a conflict occurred between Boko Haram insurgents and Cameroonian military officials. This took place in the region bordering Chad and Nigeria, west of the town of Kousseri. Cameroonian troops killed…

0 Comments / 81 View / June 30, 2014

Why Stopping Bullying Matters More Than You Think

Bullying: I’m sure most of us have heard about it and maybe even experienced some form of it. Quite a few young adults are also tired of hearing this term, this word that has been decried and spoken about “repetitively”…

0 Comments / 202 View / June 9, 2014

This Month in 10 World Events

From Boko Haram’s attack of a Nigerian military base to the surge of a rise of ‘Euroskpeticism’ in the European Union, here 10 events which have occurred this May that everyone should be aware of: 1. Boko Haram members attack a military…

1 Comment / 236 View / May 31, 2014