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Bryan Wilder

Undergraduate at the University of Central Florida

Your Friends Are More Popular Than You Are

Ever notice that a lot of people you know are more gregarious, outgoing, and popular than you are? That after your evening at home, all of your friends are posting pictures of their night out? If so, you might not…

0 Comments / 333 View / January 25, 2015

Pushing the Limits of Computation

Modern life runs on computers. We shop on Amazon, store our collective knowledge on Wikipedia, and share our social lives on Facebook. With advances in machine learning, computers can be trained to do everything from recognize faces, to decipher human…

0 Comments / 121 View / September 24, 2014

Rolling the Dice: Harnessing the Power of Randomness

People usually like to have a plan. We map out our response to all of the possibilities, attempting to control the uncertainty in the world around us. However, across a wide variety of disciplines, research has found examples of how…

0 Comments / 238 View / August 23, 2014

The Tangled Web of History

History defies easy quantitative analysis. Every rule has an exception, and human events seem to follow a logic all their own. But a new paper published in the journal Science aims to change that. In “A Network Framework of Cultural…

0 Comments / 106 View / August 19, 2014