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Casey Lu Simon-Plumb

Undergraduate at Swarthmore College

Recycling Joy

We live in a world of fierce competition; we are always trying to get ahead. This is evident in our educational system, our business models, and in the million ways we try to make ourselves skinnier, smarter, and “better” than…

0 Comments / 288 View / August 17, 2014

Abuse Accusations for a Hollywood Icon

The other day, I watched my first Woody Allen movie. I know it’s shocking but, cinematically at least, I live under a rock. Nosing around I realized that my parents held a strong distaste for Woody Allen, an opinion not…

0 Comments / 257 View / August 9, 2014

The Red Zone

In football the red zone refers to the twenty yards directly before the end zone, where the offense should “assert its will” and score a touchdown. This phrase takes on a very different meaning in terms of college. Among administrators,…

0 Comments / 589 View / July 23, 2014

The Fear to Feel

“Being loved deeply gives you strength; loving deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu Love is not a word thrown around much by people my age. Sure, we will readily spout that we love our friends, our family, ice cream,…

0 Comments / 406 View / July 16, 2014

The Midlescent Crisis

I’m sure the term “midlife crisis” rings a bell. The clichéimage of an older man running off with a girl young enough to be his granddaughter, zooming into the sunset in a new convertible may come to mind. In reality…

1 Comment / 268 View / July 7, 2014

Lost in Translation: The New Language of Technology

Hey. Hola. Ciao. Ni hao. Hujambo. Shalom. And so on and so forth. When switching between languages, certain aspects are lost. Nuanced meanings, humor, and the like don’t always carry over in quite the same way. English, a language heavily…

1 Comment / 389 View / July 2, 2014