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Christopher Cross

Undergraduate at Princeton University

Remember Rome? A Note on Immigration

Remember Rome? How it threw off the shackles of monarchical rule? How it established a republican form of government? Remember the magnificent orderliness of its legal structure and of its legions? Of course you do. But, do you remember how…

0 Comments / 145 View / July 26, 2014

Politics, Debt and Development: Global Economic Structures

We should stop focusing on poor people in Africa and worry about ourselves. We give way too much aid to poor countries, and it doesn’t even do any good. Poor people need to learn to take care of themselves –…

0 Comments / 494 View / July 10, 2014

Rethinking Globalization: The Absurdity of World Development

If all the world consumed energy at the rate of the United States, the total energy consumed would be just under 2200 quadrillion Btu (British thermal units). At current energy production, this would require at least three more Earths and…

1 Comment / 163 View / June 29, 2014

Iraq: A Brief Overview, A Brief Argument

Iraq is once again in the headlines. There are new names: ISIS—Islamic State in Iraq and Syria—and Abu Bakr al­Baghdadi, who is proclaimed in American media outlets as the “new Osama Bin Laden.” Yet all things considered, the situation on…

1 Comment / 105 View / June 25, 2014