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Danielle Moore

Undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania

“Review: Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck”

When the producers chose Trainwreck as the title for the big-screen debut of white hot comedienne Amy Schumer, they were—perhaps winkingly—setting the film up for many a critical pan by practically prewriting the headline: “Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck Lives Up To…

0 Comments / 178 View / July 25, 2015

Five of the Most Important Tweets in the recent #CallMeCaitlyn Discussion

Since Caitlyn Jenner – formerly Bruce Jenner of Olympic and reality-TV fame – premiered her new identity with a Vanity Fair Cover on June 1st, the article’s titular hastag, #CallMeCaitlyn, has been trending on Twitter, with the story infiltrating nearly…

6 Comments / 165 View / June 14, 2015

Kimmy Schmidt’s Advice to Undergrads

Ellie Kemper, the star of Netflix’s latest binge-watch-worthy original series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, recently spoke to undergraduates and members of the public at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. It’s hard to think of a character who would appeal…

0 Comments / 299 View / April 27, 2015

‘One Big Happy’ Flop?: The NBC Relationship (Comedy) Curse

On March 17th, NBC premiered One Big Happy, a Three’s Company-esque sitcom about a straight guy who decides to have a baby with his lesbian best friend before meeting and marrying the love of his life. The show marks NBC’s…

0 Comments / 238 View / April 14, 2015

Shattering the Glass Slipper: Emma Watson, Feminism and Fairy Tales

The live-action fairytale has seen a Hollywood renaissance in recent years, marked by films ranging from the Oscar-winning Mirror Mirror to the newest addition to the live-action fairytale family Cinderella, as well as the wildly popular TV series, Once Upon…

0 Comments / 480 View / April 8, 2015

Tina Fey Weighs in on Photoshop and Filters: Finishing Touch, or Faking It?

First it was the video of the photoshopping of a model that went viral. Next, Meghan  Trainor’s  buzz-bating song of the summer, whose direct jab at the media’s use of the image editing software seemed ripped straight from the newsfeed….

0 Comments / 418 View / March 25, 2015

Spring Break Is Broken: The Modern College Experience

While some of my fellow college students spent their spring breaks lounging on exotic beaches or volunteering with international nonprofits, I opted to spend mine lazing it up, chez moi. At least, that had been the plan. I’d spent the…

1 Comment / 385 View / March 20, 2015

Fifty Shades of Shame: How College Students Watched the Highly-Anticipated Adaptation

When I told fellow college students that I would be spending part of my Valentine’s Day weekend reviewing Fifty Shades of Grey, I came across a peculiar phenomenon. Most of my peers responded that their co-ed halls had made plans…

0 Comments / 341 View / February 18, 2015

Alan Cummings and Emma Stone Soar in Cabaret

New York City is filled with legendary locations with that have undergone innovative and unexpected re-purposing. The Big Apple is also home to Broadway – the perfect place for such venues to shine. One such successful revamping is Studio 54,…

0 Comments / 384 View / February 4, 2015

The Imitation Game Rises to the Biopic Challenge

If you’ve heard of, but have not yet been able to see The Imitation Game, there’s a very good reason for it. The distributors of the film, the Weinstein Co., are playing a carefully calculated game of their own regarding…

0 Comments / 149 View / January 9, 2015