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Danielle Moore

Undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania

Fellow Undergraduates: Make the Most of Break With 4 Forms of Pre-Professional Prep

Fellow Undergrads: Congrats, not on finishing another (and for many, a first) semester of college, but on taking the time to treat yourself to the requisite reward of binge-watching television, sleeping in, and eating yourself into a food coma. Congratulations…

1 Comment / 266 View / December 23, 2014

In Honor of Disney’s Birthday: The ‘Partners’ Statue and American Iconography

One hundred and thirteen years ago, on December 5, 1901, American icon Walt Disney was born. This sounds entirely too long ago for a man whose legacy is still so imbued in present American popular culture. The ubiquity of this…

0 Comments / 626 View / December 11, 2014

Twilight’s Saga Continues: The Power of Fantasy and Fanfiction

It’s been nearly a decade since the vampire saga Twilight began to sink its teeth into popular culture, infecting legions of fans with an obsessive, addictive fever for the series. In spite of the fact that the final book was…

0 Comments / 203 View / November 27, 2014

The Cycle of Celebrity Critique: The Laundry List Legend of Lena Dunham

There is perhaps no figure more frequently scrutinized, with equal parts of criticism and praise, as a member of the millennial milieu than Lena Dunham. The actress, writer, director, producer – and now author – has generated an almost inordinate…

0 Comments / 253 View / November 10, 2014

Swift Success: Taylor’s Rise to Pop Stardom

Yesterday, October 27, 2014, Taylor Swift dropped yet another album that will likely make music history. It’s also one that, in title at least, invokes a different decade. With the release of her ultra-hyped 1989, the once-country femme fatale appears…

0 Comments / 198 View / October 28, 2014

“Rape Joke” Revisited: Making Sense and Nonsense

Patricia Lockwood’s poem “Rape Joke” is equal parts evocative and provocative, humorous and hardened. Published in July, 2013 on the eclectic website “The Awl,” it tells the fragmented story of a sexual assault from the victim’s perspective – and tells…

2 Comments / 519 View / October 15, 2014

HBO’s ‘Beyoncé and Jay-Z On the Run’ Lives Up to Hype

The Beyoncé and Jay-Z phenomenon is one of the most intriguing Rorschach tests that popular culture has to offer. There are multifarious ways to answer the question, Who are they, really? If your answer is somewhere along the lines of,…

0 Comments / 227 View / September 30, 2014

Another Mother Ending: HIMYM’s Long-Awaited Alternate Arrives

On March 31, 2014, the 2-hour series finale of How I Met Your Mother was released, finally revealing the true identity of what is perhaps the longest-awaited titular character in television history. The show’s ending, however, quickly proved to be…

0 Comments / 549 View / September 21, 2014

Not “All About That Bass” – Mixed Feelings About the Smash Single

I seldom take YouTube’s suggestions, but the candy-colored thumbnail for Meghan Trainor’s debut single caught my eye. I decided to indulge. And indulge I did, for this track, which boasts a bump-worthy bass and doo-wop vocal flair, is the auditory equivalent…

1 Comment / 316 View / August 24, 2014

Reading TV

I have always been fond of saying that I “read” rather than “watch” TV. I do not read TV in the most literal sense; I do not require closed captioning, nor am I a karaoke aficionado. My TV literacy, in…

0 Comments / 107 View / August 19, 2014