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D. Blum

Undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania

Half-and-Half: Exploring Religion as an Interfaith Child

I have never considered myself as Jewish. My parents’ interfaith marriage ended as, according to Fox News, half of interfaith marriages do: in divorce. I’ve gone to temple only a handful of times with my father, but Sunday church with…

0 Comments / 148 View / August 21, 2014

Major Decisions about my Major

I am one of those kids who wants to study everything. Correction: I am one of those kids  who wants to study everything related to the humanities (as if my AP scores weren’t enough to  remind me to stay far…

1 Comment / 483 View / August 4, 2014

Harry Potter, Then and Now

The first face I see every morning is Daniel Radcliffe’s. Taped above my bedside table, the Harry Potter poster I may or may not have stolen from my sister sits just where I put it when I was in middle…

0 Comments / 281 View / July 21, 2014

Coarse Requirements

When I was in middle school, I considered becoming a marine biologist. Then high school hit, sophomore Biology hit even harder, and I recalibrated. I slogged my way through that Bio course the same way I had with Earth Science,…

0 Comments / 133 View / July 6, 2014

The Necessary Evil of Executive Orders

Six months ago I found myself captivated at my desk, watching President Obama’s State of the Union speech electrify my computer screen. I laughed at some parts and clapped at others, but what stood out to me most was the…

0 Comments / 115 View / June 30, 2014

In Defense of Awful Speech

Last week, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case that, in all honesty, should be straightforward.  Elonis v. United States serves as a testament to our technology-overloaded times: a man, Anthony Elonis, wrote terrible, awful, disgusting threats about his…

5 Comments / 215 View / June 25, 2014

The Right to Sex Ed

My parents never gave me “the talk.” They didn’t have to; between 5th and 9th grade, I received what I now realize is an almost overwhelming amount of sexual education. My middle school health classes met three times a week and…

0 Comments / 238 View / June 13, 2014

Modern “Activism” and the Downfall of Meaningful Political Participation

The first time I “got involved” in politics, I was eight. Somehow, from watching the news or hearing snippets of adult conversations, I had decided I was against the Iraq War. In the weeks before the election of 2004, I…

0 Comments / 361 View / June 6, 2014

Light It Up: Why We Still Have Work to Do on Cigarettes

“I smoked in my car, and now it smells,” my friend says. He hugs me, and I catch a whiff of it—the dirty cigarette scent I associate with city streets. It’s a weird mix with his cologne, one that seems…

1 Comment / 97 View / May 30, 2014

What New Freshmen Can (Still) Learn from College Apps

I am not ashamed to admit that I was college-focused in high school. I was the ninth grader who had a College Confidential account. By sophomore year, I was picking out my top choices from the Fiske Guide to Colleges. I…

2 Comments / 151 View / May 11, 2014