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Evana Bodiker

Undergraduate at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Stop Asking Why They Had Nudes in the First Place

Jennifer Lawrence: outspoken public comedienne, fashion icon, Oscar-winner, and the everyday girl. For the past few years, the actress has been on fire; after her star-making role as Katniss Everdeen in the acclaimed film adaption of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger…

0 Comments / 1153 View / September 3, 2014

To Rush or Not To Rush

The first few weeks of college are filled with countless activities, all aimed at the lost and often less than busy freshman class: outdoor movie screenings on the quad, scavenger hunts through the library, free food from various student organizations,…

0 Comments / 376 View / August 31, 2014

What Would Chris McCandless do?

What would Chris McCandless do? That is a question I have asked myself more and more often these days. To most people, the name Chris McCandless does not ring a bell. Honestly, it did not raise any flags for me…

0 Comments / 256 View / August 27, 2014

Boyhood May Be the Film of Our Generation

When director Richard Linklater started filming his new project in May of 2002, it is likely that he had a small notion of how great this project’s potential effect on the world could be. Linklater, previously known for films such…

0 Comments / 245 View / August 24, 2014

Why Is There Even A Question About Birth Control?

When I was fifteen, my doctor prescribed me birth control. Fifty years ago, that might have been a shocking statement, but today, it is not so surprising. When I was fifteen, I had uncontrollable cystic acne; I was about to…

0 Comments / 221 View / August 16, 2014